Before rushing and registering on Airbnb, you should know some things! Oh yes, even on the Internet one can’t do everything! Airbnb is a very controlled website, and it is better to be in order if you don’t want this sweet dream to become a nightmare! Say goodbye to bad surprises and hello to legality (even if it annoys you!).

Lesson 1: Rent your apartment only if you are the happy owner (except if agreement) !

This lesson can disappoint more than one person and I can understand! However, don’t venture onto dangerous ground! You won’t be very happy if the rest of the movie Project X takes place in your apartment during your absence. Many people have experienced it and I'm not sure the relationship between owner and guest is very good anymore… if it still exists!

Lesson 2: Do not lie, at least not on everything !

Your cozy nest, you love it! We know that to you, your flat is like a dreamy loft with an unforgettable view. OK, but describe it as it is: a 30m2 flat with a view on roofs! It’s important to remain clear and frank to get good reviews and to increase your bookings.

Lesson 3: Be responsible (for a good reason !)

Yes, the responsibilities also exist on Airbnb (they definitely follow us everywhere!). Reply quickly, give the keys on time, offer a clean apartment or house, install the required equipment…You’ve understood the idea! Just do little efforts!

Lesson 4: Be clear, very clear !

You don’t have the same notion of rigor than others… But you will have to make an exception this time! Be very clear: check-in time, check-out time, cancellation condition, description ... If you don’t want this famous dream to end with tears and cries , you should listen to me!

Lesson 5: Get Paid via the Site !

It's tempting we know, but no, don’t do that! You may be not paid! And where is ethics? You can’t do this to our charming Airbnb, he is so precious to us! Be generous with Airbnb, and it will be mutial!