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Airbnb Inbox answered

Our team of professionals will take care and manage all communications with your guests in order to secure the booking.

airbnb management check in check out

Check in & check out 

We take care of everything since the moment your guest arrives to your property. All your problems will be handled by our staff.

airbnb increase visibility and booking

increase your revenues

Use our notoriety and our listing to promote your venue and get more bookings and reviews.

Why work with us?

Airbnb has become the world's largest online travel agency.  In less than
2 years they have dominated the hotel and villa market around the world. This is a fantastic
 time to maximize your exposure with this great platform.  

Managing an Airbnb account can be very tricky and time consuming with many
members not using it to it's fullest potential. We undertook a market study
on the vacation rental market and found that most hotels and villas have the chance
to increase revenues by up to 40%. 

We created Host’n up, an Airbnb management service company to help villas and hotels who are
 looking to increase occupancy and achieve great daily rates. We have worked closely with
 Airbnb since February 2012 and know many great secrets and tips that will increase bookings.
We already manage a number of villas and hotels and have over 1000 reviews on our Airbnb business
account. Each property is unique and requires a customized touch so contact us today to find out
 how we can help you increase your bank balance.

Increase your Airbnb income with our super fast communication



Our team will answer the guest inquires within an hour. It will increase your rank and generate good reviews.


24/7 team

Our professional team is available 24/7 to communicate with your potential guests and help them secure the booking faster.


Constant inbox update

Our administration team will constantly keep you updated to provide you with all the information you require. 


More booking airbnb

More bookings

The Airbnb algorithm encourages listings and guests with good reviews and quick answer rate.


More incomes

If you get a good rank on Airbnb, your visibility will increase along with your incomes


Less stress

We know the work, effort and difficulties of answering and satisfying all guests. We will take care of this part so that you just have to focus on welcoming your guests. 


Increase your Airbnb listing visibility and get benefit of our well established position

Airbnb reviews management

More than 1000 reviews 

Our profile has more than 1000 reviews which will add credibility to your property


100% positive reviews

The quality of the reviews is very important. In fact, if you have a lots of bad reviews, Airbnb will not diplay your listing as often.

More visibility on airbnb

Gain visibility

Take advantage of our high ranked Airbnb profile to put your listing in the first position.


Get more inquiries

If Airbnb displays your listing in the first position on the search result, you will have better chances of getting inquiries...


Raise you booking on airbnb

Raise your Airbnb prices

Thanks to our notoriety and presence on Airbnb (since 2012), we are able to hightlight your listing on the top of the search page result.


airbnb share commission


all payments go directly from Airbnb to your personal account

increase income on airbnb


Our fee is calculated only from the total that you receive from Airbnb





All of our services are included in our fixed fee.