"Destroying competition means killing intelligence", has said Frederic Bastiat, a famous economist.


Indeed, today we daily and continuously face competition and even on Airbnb! So today we will give you all our secrets to be better than your competitors, and to innovate without breaking the bank!


Indeed, it’s not possible to re-decorate your apartment every day so Host'n Up has concocted a miracle recipe that will make you become rich very soon (well maybe not, but almost!).


Let's start!


• We all know, the human race is lazy! But today you can be! Indeed, it will take you only 10 minutes to increase your income on Airbnb with a simple and fast tip: sell your accommodation as a unique experience! The title, the description, the geo-tracking… everything must be here! Indeed describe your property rigorously and as you see: amazing and unique, of course! Eye-catching title, place of interest, nearby shops ... People will better imagine your property in their mind!


• Make beautiful photos! You no longer have an excuse: my dog te my super camera, a homeless slept at home and I didn’t see it! You are a good citizen and we know it. Take all your courage, clean your apartment and make use of Airbnb services: they offer a free photo shoot of your apartment, so no more excuse to have your dirty sock on the photo!


• Enhance the experience as much as possible! Thanks to the quality and quantity of reviews, your property will be judged quickly. Consider this and improve the experience of your travelers.


• Be reactive! Put your lazy side away, today you are reactive to requests, and you won’t miss any opportunity! Indeed, it is important to show that you are a serious host always caring of your future tenants! So be nice and answer as soon as possible!


• Optimize your listings! The goal here is to get richer in a minimum of time! Talk with other hosts and find tips to fill your off-peak periods or to get a better functional house and consequently increase your bookings.