Title: 5 tips to have a good image on Airbnb

1. Stay in touch with your tenants:

Yes, even if you don’t necessarily want it, it is important to keep in touch with your tenants. This shows you pay attention to them and you are available, and it will allow you to win their loyalty and maybe to make new friends! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


2. Answer to positive reviews

It pleases you so let people know! So don’t wait more, express all your enthusiasm! And above all, be a good strategist; don’t hesitate to insist on the amazing criteria mentioned in the reviews!


3. Answer also the negative reviews

And yes, this dreaded moment is now! You open your Airbnb page while trembling with fear because you forgot your underpants under the bed last week… Relax; you can get your breath back! Mistakes can happen (maybe more often with you). Stay calm and answer to the comment with compassion and respect (even if you boil over behind your screen). Say you are sorry, make efforts and show you understand… everything will be fine! A fault confessed is half redressed!


4. Know when you can or cannot intervene

Pay close attention to this rule is of great importance:  you have to know when you can intervene and when you cannot! Airbnb is going to teach you to improve your attentiveness and to analyse your guests’ behavior. Indeed, it is very important to deduce how close your guests want to be with you. Be welcoming and warm, but be careful not to frighten your customers!


5. Offer them a ‘’little extra’’!

Your customers will never thank you enough if you have a small gift as a final touch! Take care of them as they were your friends, but without exceeding the limits! Invest a little bit of money on it and you’ll have a positive feedback, review or even a big smile in return!  A bottle of wine, a meal in the fridge, something typically from your region ... Be inventive, you won’t regret it!